Botanic Garden

Spanning around 50 hectares, the Botanic Garden in Adelaide features beautifully landscaped gardens, majestic avenues and stunning architecture. The historic garden features some of Australia's finest plant collections and is a definite must visit location when in this gorgeous South Australian city.

Hennessy Rooftop Bar

Located on the rooftop of Adelaide’s Mayfair Hotel, this bar will offer a rooftop bar experience like no other. The bar is available to all visitors each evening. A beautiful and stylish interior space leads out to an open-air deck and balcony, where guests will enjoy stunning views of Adelaide. Offering premium champagne and house cocktails there is also on offer to guests, a carefully crafted selection of high-end wine, beer and spirits.

Art Gallery of South Australia

Founded in 1881, the Art Gallery of South Australia is home to one of Australia's great art collections and is located in one of most beautiful buildings in the country.

The gallery welcomes almost one million visitors each and every year and is a cultural hub for the city. The Art Gallery of South Australia's collection includes approximately 42,000 works of art and design from Australia, Europe, North America and Asia.

Adelaide Central Market

With over 9 million visitors every year, the Adelaide Central Market remains Adelaide’s leading food destination for multicultural cuisine and fresh produce. The market is one of the largest undercover fresh produce markets in the southern hemisphere, buzzing with life and colour all year round.

The Market offers a range of food from fruit and vegetables to meat, cheeses, and bakery foods. It also has a selection of Adelaide’s most popular cafes and eateries for if you get peckish while you are out.

Semaphore Beach

Semaphore beach is simply stunning and backed by low dunes rather than tall buildings, so you get a sense of being miles from anywhere.

The beach offers two kilometres of public space preserved for what beach holidays are supposed to be all about. This is the perfect stop off if you have little ones with you or if you just want to soak up some of the glorious Australian sunshine.