The historic city of Southampton is fast becoming one of the most popular leisure and cultural destinations in the south of England. Its appeal lies in its diverse nightlife, exciting retail opportunities and of course its waterfront location.

Southampton is a thriving area that will relish its chance to show off the Hampshire Bowl during the Cricket World Cup.


Westquay Shopping Centre

Located in the centre of Southampton, Westquay is the premier shopping destination of the south coast. This friendly shopping centre boasts over 100 shops, including the famous John Lewis & Partners.

Alongside offering a great range of international brands, there are a variety of food and drink outlets at Westquay as well as entertainment areas including a bowling alley and cinema!

Beaulieu Motor Museum

The Beaulieu Motor Museum will take you on a trip through motoring history, including gems from the dawn of the motoring era to the fastest cars in the world. There are other motoring related exhibits to see, including “on-screen cars” where you can see the likes of Mr Bean’s famous Mini, or cars taken right from the action of a James Bond film set!

Ocean Village Marina

Situated right in the heart of the city, Ocean Village is a beautiful part of Southampton. This marina hosts a £50m luxury spa complex along with wonderful shops and restaurants. There is a great amount of history here too – the world-famous Titanic was pulled out to sea from this dockyard in 1912!

Medieval City Walls

If you want to be transported to the past, then take a journey around Southampton’s Old Town and be amazed by a wealth of historical attractions. The Medieval City Walls were built from the year 1290 and took over 300 more to be finished. Stretching over a mile around the town, over half of the original walls and ancient monuments are still standing to this day.

Sea City Museum

Everyone has heard about what happened after the Titanic set sail. But here is your chance to learn more about the famous vessel before it set off from Southampton in 1912. The Sea City Museum enables you to dive into the history of this famous ship and explore an interactive model of the ship itself, allowing you to immerse yourself into what it was like on the ship over 100 years ago.