Nottingham. Home to the famous cricketing landmark – Trent Bridge.

This city blends a legacy of legendary history with a modern charm. Whether you want to follow in Robin Hood’s footsteps amongst Sherwood Forest or visit the city’s thriving independent shopping scene, Nottingham truly has something for everyone.

Take a look below at our top 5 things to experience!

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle is one of the most famous parts of Nottingham. Not only does it offer excellent views of the surrounding area, it also offers a wide variety of museums and statues. Most notable, is the statue of world-famous Robin Hood and his merry men – a must-see on any trip to Nottingham.

The two museums include the Sherwood Foresters Regimental Museum, which hosts a collection of medals and uniforms and the fabulous Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

City of Caves

There are several different cave networks that run underneath Nottingham. In total there are more than 450 individual caves underneath the city. They have been used for many years now for storage and defence.

If you feel like an exploring these hollows, then public tours are available by the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre where you can enter and wander around these spectacular systems.

Nottingham Playhouse

If after an amazing day of cricket, you want even more entertainment, then why not go and visit the Nottingham Playhouse. It has been described as a venue for world class theatre that lies within the heart of Nottingham.

Opened in 1948, the theatre is extremely popular, especially if you’re a fan of modern décor and architecture and want a great night of entertainment.

Old Market Square

This is the central hub of Nottingham, and hosts many of the main attractions available in the area. It is home to the Nottingham Tourism Centre, which is the focal point for any adventure of the surrounding area during your cricket filled adventure.

You can access many points of interest from this location including the Guildhall, Neoclassical Council House and the Nottingham Playhouse, which are all within walking distance of the Old Market Square.

Wollaton Park

For a more tranquil experience, visit Wollaton Hall and Park an Elizabethan country house that dates back to the 1500s. This building can be found on a prominent hill just outside the busy city.

Once you have taken in the gorgeous ancient architecture, the surrounding gardens have a wealth of wildlife and plants, including a botanical garden.

A great way to spend a day out in the glorious sunshine!